My Publications


Cheeks, L., Cummings, D. & Robinson, R. (2018) Culturally-Centric Outreach and Engagement for Underserved Groups in STEM. SIGCSE 2018 Proceedings of the 49th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, 49, 447-452. (PDF)

Barr, V., DuBow, W. M.., Quinn, B. A., Robinson, R., & Townsend, G. C. (2016) Efforts to Make Computer Science More Inclusive of Women. ACM Inroads, Vol 7 Issue 4, 74-80. (PDF)

Robinson, Rosario (2008). Where GIS and GPS meet. ACSM Bulletin, (238), 12/2008, 43-44. (PDF)