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Tech Industry Needs SSU CS Students!

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I contacted Dr. Liu, Associate Computer Science professor at Savannah State University (SSU), last November. It was important that I, an alumnus of Savannah State University, ensure current CS students receive information about the Tech industry, job market and graduate school information. The program at SSU is a Computer Science Technology, which means 50% Computer Science and 50% of Engineering or other science. So it’s important to have industry knowledge about what options there are for the students after graduation.

A big shout out to Dr. Liu for allowing me to be a guest lecture for all 4 of his CS classes this week. The students were very engaged and really excited about what’s going on in the industry. I had so many questions from the students and they even stayed after to ask more, even for a class that ended at 8:45pm! You can really tell how the students really appreciated the information. W00t!

There was lots of interest in Cybersecurity, Gaming and studying abroad. We talked a lot about job opportunities, salaries, conferences that they should attend and so much more. A big concern was funding. They want to apply and attend, but concerns around not being able to afford to attend. We discussed various options for funding for conferences, workshops, internships, graduate school and even some bootcamps. The students were very eager to learn about these opportunities.

My presentation
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What’s next?
First, we talked about participating in Google Summer of Code. I am planning to host a Google Hangout for SSU CS Students to talk about the program, application and deadlines. No one heard about the program and they seem to want to learn more about open source. They will surely benefit from the program.

There’s not a full Computer Science department at SSU, but I hope real soon that will change. The demand is so high in Computing fields and there is NOT enough people to fill these jobs. This is a very well paid industry and I hope our SSU students will be able to take advantages of these job opportunities. I hope I can come back and speak more to CS students in the future. I’m more than willing to do so.

To Dr. Liu
Dr. Liu taught me Computer Science when I was at Savannah State and it was a pleasure to see him when I arrived. We sat down and talked about the program, his students and now SSU has another CS professor whose research area is Cybersecurity. It should compliment the program quite well. I have much respect for Dr. Liu as he challenged me while I was in school and for that, I was well prepared when I graduated. A lot of work, but worth it. I stressed to his students that they should appreciate that he’s there. Not many professors stick around that long, but I’m glad SSU still has him teaching CS. A very important field that is changing the world.

Thank you Dr. Liu!

Never be afraid to try. They (Companies and schools) can’t say no unless you submit your application. Don’t second guess yourself. You belong in this field. I was there to help you and to ensure you receive as much information as possible, but you actually helped me realize that the work I and so many others are doing is important and very worthwhile. Many of us are working very hard to ensure there is diversity in Tech and that underrepresented minorities are well informed so that you can make strong decisions about your career path. Thank you!

Hail to Dr. Liu’s CS students. You can always reach out to me.

Industry professionals, it’s important that we go back to our alma maters and talk about our career paths, industry trends and opportunities. We have to “pass on” our benefits to the next generation.

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My Talk @ SVA Leadership Club

As an alumnus of Saint Vincent’s Academy, class of 1986, it was with great pleasure that I was afforded the opportunity to speak to the Leadership club. Starting out 2015 giving back to a school that gave me a great start in life is very humbling. In true geek form, used great presentation tools to accentuate my presentation.

Still using my Prezi. It’s come a long way and still improving. Great new features.

Using Google Slides, took a snippet from Code.org to discuss “America’s Untapped Opportunity”.

Trying out a new presentation tool, emaze, this one was fun.

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All You Need to Know about Rose

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Revamping my website and starting my new blog.