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I’m on an incredible journey. Personally and professionally.

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I was fortunate to work on some amazing projects.

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I want the work I do to have meaning and impact.

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Tech Industry Needs SSU CS Students!

I contacted Dr. Liu, Associate Computer Science professor at Savannah State University (SSU), last November. It was important that I, an alumnus of Savannah State University, ensure current CS students receive information about the Tech industry, job market and graduate school information. The program at SSU is a Computer Science Technology, which means 50% Computer

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My Talk @ SVA Leadership Club

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As an alumnus of Saint Vincent’s Academy, class of 1986, it was with great pleasure that I was afforded the opportunity to speak to the Leadership club. Starting out 2015 giving back to a school that gave me a great start in life is very humbling. In true geek form, used great presentation tools to

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All You Need to Know about Rose

Revamping my website and starting my new blog.

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